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"Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. ~Henry Fielding, "Love in Several Masques""
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Teaworld Teas
Most teas are only available in Harrods, Harvey Nichols & Selected Health Food Stores


Online Tea Shop

At Teaworld you can buy hundreds of Premium Bagged Teas in one place. Variety of Slimming Teas such as Oolong & Pu-Erh, Slim & Fit, Figuro and Detox are also available. Our extensive range of Herbal Tea includes African Rooibos (Redbush) Tea, Chamomile Tea, Peppermint and many more. We only stock tea from suppliers with the best quality teas, Tazo Tea, Stash Tea, Yogi Tea to name but a few...

Why not take a look at our extensive range of spicy Chai Teas , they have become very popular recently!

Teas by Brand

Tazo tea

Tazo tea

Green Tea ,Black Tea ,,Herbal Tea ,All Teas
Tazo Tea only blend with premium quality teas and herbs, at Teaworld we stock the full range...

To date, Tazo Tea has created over 80 unique tea, fruit and herb concoctions that redefine tea as a beverage for our time. It is arguably the most innovative tea brand in the world.
Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea

Green Tea ,Black Tea ,,Herbal Tea ,All Teas
The delicious, rich and spicy aroma of Yogi Tea is truly a pleasure to behold, sample our extensive range today... As you may have guessed, there really is a "yogi" behind Yogi Tea. In 1969 Yogi Bhajan began teaching Kundalini Yoga in America, sharing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and healthy living.
Dragonfly Tea

Dragonfly Tea

Green Tea ,Rooibos Tea , ,Rooibos Tea ,All Teas
Bruce Ginsberg, the inspiration behind Dragonfly Tea with a long tradition of tea-making that has its roots in one of Russia's most famous tea families. Many of the teas from Dragonfly Teas are hand-made by local artisans with respect for the traditions of tea-making who demand the highest standards of quality..
Stash Tea

Stash Tea

Green Tea ,Black Tea ,Herbal Tea  ,All Teas
Today, Stash Tea is enjoying steady growth and has become one of the largest specialty tea companies in the United States. Starting in 1975, the company broadened its focus to include bagged teas and then began to sell a full line of traditional, specialty blend and herbal teas
Ahmad Tea

Ahmad Tea

Green Tea ,Black Tea , Decaf Tea ,All Teas
Ahmad Tea is synonymous with the very finest teas. Their tasters have sampled teas from around the world in search of the perfect cup. The company was established with the belief that our reputation must be founded on the quality of our teas.
The commitment to quality remains today.
Taylors of Harrogate Tea

Taylors of Harrogate Tea

Herbal Tea ,Black Tea ,Mint Tea ,All Teas
A traditional English family business Taylors of Harrogate have been creating quality English Tea for over one hundred years.
Numi Tea

Numi Tea

Herbal Tea ,Aged Earl Grey ,Rooibos Tea ,All Teas
Teas and Herbal Teasans from around the world, Numi Tea sources full leaf premium herbs, purchasing organic ingredients when available. With an indepth knowledge and appreciation for teas and herbal teasans from around the world, they sources full leaf premium herbs, purchasing organic ingredients when available.
Birt & Tang Teas

Birt & Tang Teas

Chinese Tea ,Herbal Tea ,Ginger Tea ,All Teas
Herbal Teas are a new concept in tea drinking - combining Oriental wisdom with modern Western lifestyle values. Be daring, try some today... Birt and Tang teas are all made in China to secret recipes created by renowned Shanghai herbalist Mr. Li
Yamamotoyama Tea

Yamamotoyama Tea

Flavoured Tea ,Green Tea ,Pu-Erh Tea ,All Teas
Classic Green Tea, Oolong Tea and scented teas from Yamamotoyama, perfecting the art of tea since 1690 Yamamotoyama is one of the oldest family run tea companies in the world. More than 300 years of experience go into the selection and processing of Yamamotoyama teas, among the finest in the world.
Hambleden Tea

Hambleden Tea

Herbal Tea ,Ginger Tea ,Green Tea  ,Rooibos Tea
Hambleden Herbs are the pioneers of the organic herb sector. In 1989 the company launched Britain's first ever collection of organic herbal teas.

Hambleden Herbs has continued to innovate and develop new organic products
Teapigs Tea

Teapigs Tea

Oolong Tea ,Black Tea ,Chai Tea ,Green Tea ,Fruity Tea 
Discover why our handpicked exquisite whole leaf teas will change the way you think about tea.
Pukka Tea

Pukka Tea

Organic Tea ,Herbal Tea ,Green Tea
Take a look at our exciting new range of Organic Herbal Teas from Pukka Herbs.
Pukka Herbs was founded in 2001 by Sebastian Pole, an Ayurvedic practitioner, and Tim Westwell. They started with a few thousand pounds and a mutual passion for promoting well-being and providing 100% organic Ayurvedic herbal remedies and teas.

The Good Web Guide

The Good Web Guide

The Good Web Guide is the definitive guide to the best sites on the Internet 
Take a look at their Teaworld review

Honey Sticks

Honey SticksHoney sticks have only 20 calories each and make healthy snacks. Take a look!

Build Your Own Tea Gift

Build Your Own Tea Gift
Choose your teas and a basket and we will send you a wrapped gift. Choose from a large range of Green Tea , Herbal Tea.Click here to Build Your Own..

Tea for Health

Tea Health
Drinking at least 4 cups of tea a day is good for your health. Drinking Oolong Tea and Green Tea like Pu-Erh Tea offers great health benefits. See Tea Health

Why Choose Teaworld?

  • Great Customer Service.
  • Order by Midday for Same Day Shipping.
  • Wide range incl Oolong Tea, Pu-Erh Tea
  • Only the best Tea & Herbal Tea stocked.
  • Tea Gift Baskets

    Tea Gift BasketTea Gift Baskets make a great Christmas Gift Or build your own gift basket with the teas of your choice!
    Herbal Tea , Herbal Tisane, Healthy Herbal Drinks

    Herbal Tea

    Yogi Ginger Harmony ,Stash Chamomile Tea  ,Dragonfly Pure Peppermint Tea
    Herbal Tea is made from herbs, flowers, spices and fruits and provide a natural alternative for a variety of ailments, such as sleeping disorders and easing stomach problems. What's more they taste great, read our article on Herbal Tea

    Lose Weight!

    Tea Weight Loss
    Yes that's right, drinking the right tea can help lose weight. Take a look at this interesting article on Weight Loss Tea Pu-Erh Tea and Oolong Tea are the best sellers.
    Oolong Tea , Wu Long Tea, Wu Yi Long Weight Loss Tea

    Oolong Tea

    Yamamotoyama Oolong  ,Tea Pigs Oolong ,Oolong Peach Tea
    Oolong Tea is a partially fermented Tea used for weight loss. Also known as Wu Long (or Wu Yi Long) Tea it has a rich, floral flavour and is thought to aid weight loss by suppressing your appetite and boosting your metabolism. Take a look at our Oolong Tea Article

    Fight Colds & Flu with Tea!

    Tea Health
    Enjoy a cup of hot tea while taking in the cold crisp air and making our bodies healthier and more resistant to colds and flu. read more...
    Pukka Teas at Teaworld
    Pukka Teas
    Pukka Tea offer a unique range of organic Herbal Teas and remedies that we think you'll really enjoy.Take a look at the full range of Pukka Herbal Teas.
    pu-erh Tea , Pu Erh Tea, Pueur Tea , for Weight Loss

    Pu-erh Tea

    Yamamotoyama pu-erh Tea ,Birt & Tang Pu-erh Tea  ,Dragonfly Pu-erh Tea
    Pu-erh Tea is a refreshing weight loss tea and taken on its own it has no calories. Pu-erh tea (also written Puer, Pu-Er, Puerh) has always been used by the Chinese to aid weight loss by suppressing your appetite. See our Pu-Erh Tea Article.

    Mint Tea!

    Tea Health
    Mint has significant health benefits mainly focussed around the digestive system. It is an ancient herb and the use of mint tea dates back to medieval Europe read more...

    Chamomile Tea!

    Chamomile Tea
    Need to unwind from a busy day? Chamomile tea also spelt Camomile Tea will soothe your nerves and rest your mind...

    Green Tea

    Green Tea
    Green Teas are a tasty option packed full of health benefits the Chinese have enjoyed for centuries. Read more about more about Green Tea

    What's New

    Teapigs Tea
    Handpicked range of exquisite whole leaf tea in a roomy, silky pyramid mesh teabag that allows the tea leaves to express themselves properly. Click here for the full range of black, green, blue, white, red and herbal teas

    Tea and Addiction

    Tea and Addiction
    I like a nice cup of tea in the morning Just to start the day you see And at half past eleven, well my idea of heaven Is a nice cup of tea... read more...
    Rooibos Tea Herbal Infusion, with great health benefits

    Rooibos Tea

    Organic Lemon Rooibos Tea ,Rooibos Chai  ,African Spice Tea
    Rooibos Tea is a healthy caffeine free herbal infusion from Africa also referred to as Red Bush Tea. As well as it's refreshing taste it has many health benefits and is said to boost the immune system, ease headaches and much more. Take a look at our Rooibos Tea Article

    Chilli Fat Burner!

    Tea Health

    Chillis, come in all shapes, sizes and colours ranging from tiny pointed extremely hot to the large mild and fleshy. And can even help to burn fat. Read more about Chilli Tea
    Hibiscus Tea Herbal Infusion, with great health benefits

    Hibiscus Tea

    Hibiscus Tea ,Hibiscus Ginger Tea  ,Organic Hibiscus Tea
    Hibiscus Tea is a naturally caffeine free herbal tea infusion that is considered to have a wide range of health benefits including aiding weight loss, lowering cholesterol and boosting the immune system. At Teaworld we have a great range of Hibiscus Teas
    Healthy liquorice tea infusions

    Liquorice Tea

    Stomach Ease Tea  ,Liquorice Egyptian Spice
    Liquorice Tea (also spelt licorice) is a herbal tea infusion that is thought to have many health benefits including boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation and treating respiratory infections.
    At Teaworld we have a great range of Liquorice Teas   Also see our article about Licorice Tea
    Organic Nettle Tea with health benefits

    Nettle Tea

    Nettle Tea ,Organic Nettle tea  ,Nettle Peppermint & Aloe Vera Tea
    Nettle Tea has throughput the ages been used to treat a variety of medical problems such as fighting coughs, skin problems such as eczema, to treat hay fever and to ease headaches.
    At Teaworld we have a wide range of Nettle Teas
    Ginko Tea, Yogi Ginko Chai, Teapigs Ginko Tea, Tea and cholesterol

    Ginko Tea

    Yogi Ginko Tea  ,Teapigs Spiced Winter Tea
    Ginko Tea has a sweeet, delicate taste that has historically been used in Chinese medicine to lower cholesterol ,aid circulation and is even said to sharpen your memory. See our article on Ginko Tea for more detail.
    Acai Berry Tea, Acai Berry Teabags, Tea and cholesterol

    Acai Berry Tea

    Stash Acai Berry Tea
    Acai Berry Tea has a sweeet fruity flavour and packed with natural antioxidants. Acai Berry has been used historically to improve the immune system, boost energy levels and aid digestion. More recently it has been used to help weight loss.
    Green Tea, Teaworld Green Tea Sampler, Teaworld Samplers
    Teaworld Samplers, Green Tea,  Tea Samples
    If you're into Green Teas take a look at our Green Tea Sampler
    Chai Tea, Teaworld Chai Tea Collection, Teaworld Samplers chai
    Teaworld Samplers, Chai Tea, Spicy Chai Tea, Tea Samples
    If you're into spicy Chai Teas for not take a look at our Chai Tea Collection
    Tazo Tea, Teaworld Assorted Tazo, Teaworld Tazo Sampler
    Teaworld Samplers, Tazo Tea, Assorted Tazo Sampler, Tea Samples
    If you like Tazo Tea why not take a look at our Assorted Tazo
    Yogi Tea, Teaworld Yogi Tea, Teaworld YogiSampler
    Teaworld Exotic Yogi, Yogi Tea, Yogi Tea Sampler, Tea Samples
    If you love Yogi Teas why not try our Exotic Yogi Selection
    Black Tea, Teaworld Black Tea, Teaworld Black Tea Sampler
    Teaworld Black Tea, Yogi Black, Classic Black Tea Sampler, Tea Samples
    If you love Black Teas why not try our Classic Black Tea Selection
    Black Tea, Teaworld Black Tea, Teaworld Black Tea Sampler
    Teaworld Numi Tea, Numi Tea, Numi Tea Sampler, Tea Samples
    If you love Numi Teas why not try our Numi Tea Collection
    Fruity Tea, Teaworld Fruity Tea, Teaworld Fruity Tea Sampler
    Teaworld Fruity Tea, Numi Tea, Fruity Tea Sampler, Tea Samples
    If you love Fruity Teas why not try our Totally Fruity Tea Collection
    Detox Tea, Teaworld Detox Tea, Teaworld Detox Tea Sampler
    Teaworld Detox Tea, Detox Tea, Detox Tea Sampler, Tea Samples
    If you love Detox Teas why not try our Detox Tea Collection
    Mint Tea, Teaworld Mint Tea, Teaworld Mint Tea Sampler
    Teaworld Mint Tea, Mint Tea, Mint Tea Sampler, Tea Samples
    If you love Mint Teas why not try our Mint Tea Collection
    Weight Loss Tea, Teaworld Weight Loss Tea, Teaworld Weight Loss Tea Sampler
    Teaworld Weight Loss Tea, Weight Loss Tea, Weight Loss Tea Sampler
    If you're trying Weight Loss Teas why not try our Weight Loss Tea Taster
    Earl grey Tea , Decaf Earl grey Tea, Stash Earl grey Tea

    Free Earl Grey Tea

    Decaf Stash Earl Grey Tea
    If you like Earl Grey Tea you've come to the right place, take a look at our extensive range of Earl Grey Teas. If you like Decaf Early Grey we currently have a discount on Decaf Earl Grey Tea from Stash. And if you buy 6 boxes you get one free (that's 5 boxes for the price of 6)
    Teaworld Tea, Tea Gifts, Cheap teas, Special Offers
    Teaworld Tea, Tea Gifts, Cheap teas, Special Offers
    If you're looking for a bargain why not check out our Teaworld Special Offers
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    19. Licorice Spice
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